In a post-apocalyptic future, time has stood still for two small communities. The consequences of solar storms, the lack of fuel, power and communication, have left them in isolation. Dying has become an industry, a woman able to give birth, now only a dream. Into this environment, a young man arrives. He is able to communicate with the dead, able to learn secrets of the past. Because of his presence, the two communities learn that love, in a dying world, is still alive and that there is always hope, even over greed.
The solar storm, as you remember, lasted for eight months; in some areas, longer. The crust of this planet was left flecked like the hide of a spotted hyena; flecked with disaster zones, places where the few survivors, mainly the young, managed to migrate from. Some were fortunate, others not so.
Two separate communities left struggling to survive. The disillusioned Reverend Dickinson shepherds his elderly community by false-hope, Trader surviving off the possessions of the deceased. It is economics versus growth and the ancient fob-watch the Trader owns may contain the secrets to rekindle both.
In the midst stands the beautiful young woman Danya. Protected by her shotgun wielding, abrasive mother, Danya is the only hope remaining to escape the poverty and aridness that surround them all. That is, until Joe arrives accompanied by Dog.
Joe is a digger, gifted with the ability to communicate with the dead. But is his internal strength powerful enough to traverse the danger of the wall of time that separates him from solving a secret left in the bones of his father?
But what Joe hasn't anticipated is the insatiability of the people that he is forced to make contact with, especially Trader.